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I would like to express my deep appreciation for Luke Dandurand's work as it surrounds the conversation of Truth and Reconciliation. I have been walking alongside Luke for several years now as a School Trustee and an Inclusive Education Consultant. He has done great work in establishing conversations in a safe reconciliatory manner for both children, and adults alike. He carries a deep character to ensure the person who is not “seen,” who does not know where they came from or their “name,” experiences not only acceptance but works within his belief systems to support and create safe spaces to grow and learn. His heart is to clearly share the truth through stories to ensure culture is preserved. His passion for teaching others moves in a healing manner to support those who are stopping, pausing and listening.

Suzanne Perreault 

Every day we’re given the chance to build bridges or dig moats. One makes togetherness a possibility (though not a certainty); the other renders togetherness impossible. I have always found Luke to be a humble bridge builder - willing to risk, willing to open up. Luke is a tremendously generous resource in reconciliation work. More importantly, he’s a good friend. If we want to live in the truth, begin to heal, and to reconcile, we will need good friends to show us how to do so. With a sensitive and light heart, Luke invites us away from easy answers and cliches, and toward the real possibility of growth together.

Rev. Luke Knight Living Waters Church

I have worked with Luke in various formats for several years. I have always appreciated his authenticity in embracing his Indigenous culture while working to create relationships across communities. His work in education has helped transform awareness and attitudes within local schools. At the same time, his approachable community style is both appreciative and effective with adult groups.

Rev. Paul Guiton Anglican Churches

I've had the pleasure of working alongside Luke for the past several years and have watched him grow into a wonderful speaker, leader and teacher.  Luke's dedication to tell the truth about Indian Residential Schools along with his Mom, Josette, helped heal many people along the way. Luke was able to lead the Langley School District into the journey of reconciliation. He has inspired many people to have hard conversations about Indigenous issues

Donna Gabriel Robins - Retired District Teacher
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